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Sadly there are times when some of us need more care than our loved ones are able to provide - or maybe we have no-one to look after us.  Nursing Homes provide a home with facilities and staff who are able to provide the assistance and caring we need around the clock.

Choosing the right home is always an important decision - choosing the right Nursing Home is no different.  We want an environment that we feel comfortable in before we can consider it a true home.  Comfort and privacy are perhaps as important to us as the standards of care, security and the facilities available.  Maybe we would appreciate friends and entertainment at our home, maybe we would prefer to have more choice about who we share our home with and how we spend our time.

Choosing a Nursing Home can be a difficult and stressful time for us and our loved ones - especially if left until too late.  You may feel your family no longer care, whilst they may feel torn between guilt at being unable to care for you properly themselves and concern for your well being.  Choosing a suitable Nursing Home should be a joint decision taken at leisure.  If you feel there is a possibility you may need more care than your family are able to provide - start looking at your care options.

Make sure a Nursing Home is right for you - do you need the additional case of qualified staff or would a Retirement Home be more suitable?  Would you find Sheltered Accommodation provides you with even greater independence and privacy whilst still having someone on hand if needed?

Use the internet to review some of the facilities and services available.  Check out the health and safety issues, the staff qualifications and facilities you should expect, and the questions you will need answers to. 

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