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What is a Home Sauna?  A Sauna (also known as a Steamroom or Sweathouse) is a small room or house that provides dry or wet heat.  Many sports centers, gyms, health clubs and swimming pools include Sauna facilities.  A Home Sauna provides the health and social benefits of a Sauna in the comfort and privacy or your own home.

Home Saunas can be installed in just about any home.  They range from a few square yards to the size of a large bedroom.  The sauna can be placed in a spare room, bathroom, basement or outdoors.

A Finnish Sauna has air temperatures that may approach boiling point - but maintains a low humidity level so as to allow such high temperatures to be tolerable.  Other types of Sauna use Wet Heat with humidity levels approaching 100% but with much lower temperatures  40C or 104F so as to avoid scalding.

Sauna Health Benefits  A 10 to 20 minute Sauna Session can increase your heart rate by 50 to 75% - equivalent to the effects of a brisk walk. 

Because the heat causes blood vessels to expand, the increased heart rate only has a nominal effect on blood pressure. Increased blood flow brings nutrients to the skin and surface tissue  benefiting areas that suffer from poor circulation.  The heat induces sweating which helps to emulsify fat and remove sebum and bacteria.

Steam Inhalation is an excellent treatment for many respiratory problems - relieving throat irritations and congestion.

People with heart problems, however, may be at risk and should check with their doctors before using a sauna.

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